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  • Let’s face it, Recruiters are annoying right? - Article by Amanda Underhill

    You’re in the middle of busy day, and you get a call about a job, but your last agency experience wasn’t great, so you’re not keen to engage, why should you now? For many the world of…

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  • Getting to know Jacqui Wall

    We asked a couple of questions so you can dive a little deeper into the life of Jacqui Wall. So here goes nothing... What’s your favourite smell in the whole world? What is that one magical odour that makes…

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  • Labour Market Update - May

    Headline news for the Labour Market May 2019: UK Employment rate at joint record high Higher skilled roles drive joint record high employment ratt of 76.1% and over 32 million people are in work in the UK Higher skill…

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  • Towards a Safer Workplace with ISO 45001 - Guest article by Kaltrina Istrefi

    A comparative analysis report of job quality conducted by the International Labour Organization states that the exposure to physical risks in a workplace is very common. More than half of workers in many regions are exposed to repetitive hand and…

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  • Summer Newsletter 2019

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  • Master Cutler9;s Challenge

    Nicholas Associates Group is a proud sponsor of this years9; 2019 Master Cutler9;s Challenge. Not only are we one of the headline sponsors but we have organised a team of people to take on this challenge. We need your…

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  • Managing Difficult Conversations - Guest Article by Sarah Darbyshire

    As an HR Consultant, I’m often asked whether there are any common issues I come across when working with different companies and sectors. In every company that I’ve worked with over the last 24 years, whether a start-…

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  • Off-Payroll in the Private Sector - Guest Article by Ian Holloway

    Payroll professionals will have heard the words IR35 and off-payroll working, however, do they really know what they mean?  It is essential that they do, as these will be words that will be commonplace come 2020. IR35? For information,…

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  • Off-Payroll in the Private Sector #2 - Guest article by Ian Holloway

    Off-payroll / IR35 is coming to the private sector from April 2020.  In the first article, I looked at the definitions of these terms and outlined who is within the scope of these reforms, and the information requirements for those…

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  • Master Cutler Challenge Winners!

    Back in February Nicholas Associates Group announced it was the proud sponsor of this years9; 2019 Master Cutler9;s Challenge. Not only were we sponsors but we also organised a team of people to take on this challenge. Our team,…

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