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All Together is perfect for Further Education

Everything in one place

When your departments or schools are working in isolation of each other, management information reporting can be difficult. We can work with your IT department and multiple departments to bring everything all together.

You can trust us – a safe pair of hands

We’ve been developing software to manage work placements since 1999 – that’s over 10 years more experience than our competitors! We have a proven track record of success.

We can manage multiple faculties and systems

With Careers Wales, we brought together six education business partnerships into a single nation system – that’s over 40,000 student placements.

A central work experience database – a single point to manage all your captured data

We can consolidate all your operations into one. You can still operate independently, but from a college perspective, you can keep track of what’s going on, and get really good management information (MI). We can link into existing systems, such as student enrollment systems, and pass data back out to data warehousing and reporting tools. We have web portals for different stakeholders – eg students, employers – and these all work on mobile devices.

We’re open and honest

When you give us a specification of everything you want your system to do, we will listen and respond to each point in turn. We talk in a language that people understand and never promise what we can’t deliver.

How we work together – an agile approach

Although placement software is our main business and passion, we realise that it might not be yours! That’s why we will split up your project into bite-sized ‘work packages’ to make the development process more manageable for you. There are four phases within each package:

  • initial analysis
  • visual design
  • development/build
  • and acceptance testing

The benefits of this ‘agile’ development process is we can have a number of packages at different stages, and you don’t have the pressure of a ‘big bang’, or of wait 12 months to go live. It gives you the means to report regularly to the board on progress, and helps shape future direction, based on real user feedback. It also means we can train you incrementally too, so we don’t bamboozle you in a single sitting!

The platform we put in place is really slick

Our software provides a much smoother user-experience than packages offered by competitors. We are constantly working behind the scenes to act on feedback and refine what we do, so that all clients benefit.

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