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The All Together platform is a central web enabled database system that is easy to use, available 24/7 and provides users with accurate and consistent information about work placements and programmes.

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The Features You'll Love

The Features You'll Love

Work from anywhere

Online, secure and available 24/7

Access anywhere, home, office, business or Internet café, All Together is available online 24/7.

This means data exchange works in real time, updates can be viewed instantly by appropriate parties (you decide who has access) at any time, where ever they are. With a full SSL certificate and data encryption, you can be sure your data is safe with us.

Bespoke branding

Tailored portals to your organisation

We quickly brand up your system with your own logos and personalised signatures on your paperwork. The site instantly becomes yours and the overall look and feel, customised for you, the individual customer, ready for you to start work with straight away.

Your idea, your vision, our promise!

Reports on the go

Customisable MI reporting

Generate your reports and paperwork at the click of a button, all the reports you need for your Board or funders. Downloadable in a variety of formats and all reports have export to Excel options.

Easy to use screens

Do it all in one place

A single point to manage all your captured data.

Why put up with the frustrations of clunky outdated software. All Together is the placement solution with clear and easy to use screens, developed and designed specifically for our clients.

Take control of your placements

Take control of your placements

Manage Providers

All provider information together in one place

The All Together placement software enables clients to manage all the process at a single point. Employer, administration team, educational staff and student portals all with their own secure access.

Everything in one place, everything All Together

Create Offers

Students can browse placements

Students can search the database of businesses and employers, select their wish list or choices. They can filter their selections based on their interests, as well as how far they can travel selecting the most appropriate placement to support their learning.

Book Placements

Online student bookings

Students, parents, carers as well as education administrators can access the All Together placement database 24/7 to search for businesses, placements opportunities and career choices. Assimilating their own customised wish list.


Robust audit trail

Our clients like our messaging system, as it provides an audit trail, which can easily get lost otherwise using email. Record the whole process at each step, ensure it is saved, date stamped and audited, just in case you need it!

Engage with your students and providers

Engage with your students and providers

Manage Events

Book events, invite delegates and speakers

Organise all your events, meetings and training in this easy to use CRM. With all your contacts, businesses and people in a central system. Add notes, send emails, record attendance and lots more… All the information you need in one place, the complete business tool.

Share Documents

Upload useful documents to the web

Upload all your policies, guidance health and safety information and other information you need for easy access by all your designated parties. Keep all this information in one easy to locate area, add and delete as needs change.

Create Announcements

Communicate with providers and students

Send alerts and messages, keep all parties updated with the latest information, remind your students of deadlines and things they need to attend to, by when! Communicate with your employers and education staff.

More functionality

Online paperwork, email directly to providers

Send emails directly to employers, saving time and resources on postage, administration time and stationery. Send your paperwork by email to all your parties, receive responses by email, saving time and providing valuable audit trail.

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