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  • 5 banging tunes to listen to before your interview

    So, big day tomorrow, your shirt is ironed, best suit is ready, shoes are polished and you've nailed your company research and preparation. What's left? Spotify playlist! It's proven that music has mood altering effects as well…

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  • 5 Key Reasons Why Your Company Needs an ATS in 2019 - Guest article by Kelly Barcelos

    With a key focus on developing an efficient and metric focused recruitment process, Kelly Barcelos highlights the key advantages to utilising an ATS. An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a recruitment tool that helps execute your recruitment strategies. It helps…

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  • 5 Things to Know For Presenting an Important PowerPoint - Guest Article from McKenzie Jones

    In the corporate world, presenting your ideas via Powerpoint is a fact of life. Whether you are pitching an idea to upper management or impressing a client, it's important to know how to make the most of this presentation…

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  • 5 tips on easing back in after the summer months

    Can you believe we are in September already? 2022 is flying by and soon, the cold nights will be upon us. As we call time on the summer months, children are back at school, and winter is knocking on the…

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  • 5 Steps to Master Your Skill Development

    There's great importance in equipping young people with the essential skills required for employment. This is why we recognise the necessity of educating our future workforce on the mastery of skill development. In this article, we explore the five…

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Graduate

    In the ever-changing landscape of today's workforce, it's become essential for employers to attract individuals who possess the enthusiasm and drive to propel their organisation towards success. In this article, we explore the top five reasons why…

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  • 5 Ways Technology is Transforming Modern Apprenticeship Programs

    Technology is constantly developing and redefining careers, so it’s no surprise that it’s influencing one of the oldest ways of skill-building – apprenticeships. Where traditional apprenticeships predominantly involved hands-on learning under the guidance of an experienced mentor,…

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  • How to increase employee engagement in 5 easy steps - Guest Article by Ben Maddock

    How to Increase Employee Engagement in 5 Easy Steps Whilst HR colleagues have always understood the value of employee engagement, over the past few years senior managers and business owners have also started to wake up to the importance of…

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  • Interview Tips: 5 Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier - Article by Penny Wallace

    Interviewing can be a daunting process no matter where you are in your career. So many of us walk out of interviews kicking ourselves, wishing we’d of said this or not said that. So I’ve decided to put…

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  • Top 5 Video Interview Tips

    If you're applying for a role during the Coronavirus outbreak, it is highly likely that you will have to face a video interview as part of the recruitment process. Video interviews are becoming increasingly commonplace, even in normal circumstances,…

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