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Simply the most complete placement management solution available on the market.

The all:together platform is a central web enabled database system that is easy to use, available 24/7 and provides users with accurate and consistent information.

  • Efficient online placement management
  • Single point to manage all your captured data
  • Mobile recording of employer data on-site
  • Employer, school staff and student portals with secure access
  • Health & Safety assessment
  • Event management
  • Customisable MI reporting

Designed and delivered in partnership with education and business, all:together provides learning organisers with a central web-based system that is easily kept up-to-date to facilitate reliable, accurate and consistent information about work placements and programmes, safe and secure with full SSL certificate and data encryption.

  • 24/7 access from home, school or any other location with internet
  • Reports and paperwork at the click of a button
  • Bespoke branding tailored to your organisations guidelines
  • Safe and secure with full SSL certificate and data encryption
  • Single database accurate and consistent at all times
  • Responsive customer service, helpdesk and remote support
  • Students and parents/carers can access the all:together work experience database 24/7 to search for businesses, placements opportunities and career choices. Assimilating their own customised wish list.
  • Schools, colleges and academy administrators can manage all their placement opportunities, they can see at a glance the process and progress of each work experience placement and provide support as necessary.
  • Employers can access the system through their own portal, using individual log on, they can see their own information, offer new educational opportunities to suit the business and corporate social responsibility.
  • Larger placement organisers, including EBP's, who work with schools and consortiums in their areas, can use the all:together placement system to manage the whole placement process thus ensuring a standard and quality procedure throughout.

I have been very impressed with NA Software. We went from tender to a fully live system in just a few months, and I know I can rely on the team to supply me with a fully managed service.

Martin Foulkes, Services Manager, Starting Point Education

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The platform

Many apps, one system, one solution


The all:together platform comprises of seven modules each tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

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CRM Application

A single point to manage all of your data. Create custom filters and groups to manage your contacts and record engagement activities with employers, schools and volunteers.


Public Portal and Communications

Your students, employers and more can interact with your data and connect with each other with a simple intuitive web interface.


Work Placement Management

Complete and efficient online placement management, from student to teacher to employer, including digital health and safety, employer engagement and reporting.

all:inplace gives you complete management and tracking of your students' work experience journey, checking of their progress, and providing help as necessary.


Events Management

Create and manage your activities, invite people using existing groups and filters, record attendance and event feedback.


Health & Safety Assessment

Linking everything together is our extensive health and safety support system, all:safe which ensures all employers are risk assessed and approved.


Mobile Employer Assessment

A useful and popular addition, our remote solution allows you to capture key information digitally right there and then at the employer's premises.

all:safe-remote is a bespoke application that allows assessments to be completed on site instantly with upload direct to database, saving on administration and resource.


Custom MI Reporting

Build customisable MI reports, view and collate user stats, and present them in a variety of formats.

all:info takes your data and makes it presentable, downloadable and most importantly, usable!

From the portfolio

Barnsley Academy is a new 11-18 learning site, which needed a cutting edge placement management system as they had decided to undertake work experience within their own academy.

The new all:together system enables me to manage our own students effectively, I can tailor make the placements to suit each individual students needs.

Mary Potter
Pastoral Mentor for Community Support Services
Barnsley Academy

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Mary Potter (Barnsley Academy) undertaking a pre placement work experience visit with a supervisor at a local care home.

Find out what happened... read the case study (PDF)

With numerous and frequent feature upgrades and enhancements per year,
all:together is the placement management tool of choice now and going forward.

  • Easy to use screens, developed to suit the school/academy market for self managing all placements and more.
  • Online, secure and available 24/7, for students, schools and employers, you decide who has access!
  • Mobile health & safety app, completed on site instantly with direct upload to the database, saving on administration and resource.
  • Standardised health and safety documentation, in accordance with HASPS (Health and Safety Procurement Standards).
  • Educational and health & safety downloads, including all relevant national and Government guidance documents.
  • Reports and paperwork generated at the click of a button and downloadable in a variety of different formats.
  • Responsive customer service, through our team of expert developers on hand to support your system.
  • Complete management and tracking of a students work experience journey, checking progress, providing help as necessary.
  • Single hosted database storing all your data, safely accurately and consistently with imports and exports available on request.

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